Excursions Zimbabwe , by Musement

Chobe National Park day trip

The ultimate safari experience unfolds on a day trip to Chobe National Park in Botswana where you can admire the world’s largest elephant population. Besides the elephant population, the park is known for having a great concentration of games, or quarries, belonging to the bird species. The cruise on the Chobe River brings you close to brilliant bird life, pods of wallowing hippos, primeval crocodiles, and elephants. The afternoon’s land-based safari heads deeper into the Park to spot the elusive big cats that make Chobe their home.

Chobe National Park day trip

Sunset Cruise Bushtracks River Safari from Zimbabwe

Embark on an exciting cruise experiencing a real African sunset exploring the river with its marvelous creatures.
The Cormorant and Darter small boats are designed specifically thinking of safari comfort and practicality. You will explore the smaller channels close to the waterfalls, and you will enjoy being surrounded by lively birdlife and wildlife.
You will have the chance to witness untouched and non-contaminated places, getting a glimpse of the meandering river between the islands, and marvelling at Smoke that thunders , this is the name that the natives gave to the majestic waterfalls. Victoria Falls are the largest waterfalls in the world, and they are double the height of Niagara Falls.
Of course, animal sightseeing is gorgeous, yet, being in the open wilderness animal sightings are not always going to happen.

Sunset Cruise Bushtracks River Safari from Zimbabwe

Helicopter flight over Victoria Falls

Enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the majestic Victoria Falls, the sumptuous Zambezi river that cranes a path across the world and the natural beauties of the wildlife roaming in its environment. Watch the vegetation disperse itself, reaching for sunlight and water. It will be an awe-inspiring 15-minute flight and you will enjoy every minute of it, witnessing how the sun bounces off the surface of the water leaving a speck of light and giving you the impression of a thousand diamonds being carried by the stream. Approach the magnificent face of the waterfalls over the upper gorges

Helicopter flight over Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls tour in Zimbabwe

If there is any magic in this world, it lies in water. This might be why the Victoria Falls rainforest is such a captivating and enchanting place. There is a little bit of heaven reflected onto the earth in the curtain of water that cascades into the heart of the world.
Victoria Falls posses a one-of-a-kind beauty that man cannot replicate, and a trip to South Africa won’t be complete if you don’t visit them. It is a natural wonder of the world, created by nature to remind us of just how powerful and complex she is. The guided tour of the waterfalls will let you dive into the breathtaking view and will let you get closer to the local customs and traditions. The adventure ends at a craft market at the entrance of the rainforest, where visitors can appreciate the talented local craftsmen or purchase a memento of this special experience.

Victoria Falls tour in Zimbabwe















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